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1.The Twin Towers Beckon... 2...and Deal Town take to the pitch as the first ever Kent League team to reach a Wembley Final

Deal In Action

3. Kempster goes in on Chippenham's Simon Charity 4.Roly holds off the Chippenham Challenge
5.Deal frustrated by Chippenham keeper, Ian Jones, under pressure from Jon Warden while Steve Marshall looks on 6.Paul Ribbens keeps his eye on the ball.
7. Marc Seager in aerial action. 8. Paul Ribbens heads off his challenger

ITS IN!!!!!!!!!

9. Roly's shot is unstoppable...
10. ...and so is Roly!
11. Roly celebrates in front of stunned
Chippenham fans

...And on the bench

12. The bench erupts and the crowd are jubilant as Roly strikes in the dying minutes.


14. The famous trophy lift 15. Capt Terry celebrates with the Trophy


16. Need I say more.... 17. The famous tatoo's

And After....

18. The lads celebrate courtesy of Carlsberg!

And Finally...

Tommy's 'Perfect Moment'

The Homecoming

The following pictures are Kent Messenger Group, 2000, and should not be reproduced without permission.

The Bus Tour And Civic Reception for the FA Vase Winners.